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27 September 2017

Divion , Sector 29 Gurgaon



Divino or should i term this place DIVINE. With a theme of Game of Thrones and a beautiful fine dining setup. The place is going to be the hottess destination starting from parties to family dinners.


LOCATION – Located in the sec 29 gurgaon. Just next to Addams House.

AMBIANCE – With the competition in today’s world , ambiance is a must. And the owner of the restaurant has rightly invested each of his penny in this gorgeous Restaurant.


SERVICE – New restaurants tend to have a slow service. But this restaurant is not at all in the brink of that league. The service was fast and the staff were so friendly and insured that we are having a good time.

DRINKS – I tried some of the signature mocktails. One of being the Cranberry Mocktail. With a concussion of Ginger in it. It was way better than any mocktails , I have tried in recent months. The other mocktail , which i tried was Virgin Mojito. Pudina leaves used in the drink was Fresh. So was the drink. It enchanted my stomach for more of it. The drinks were perfect.

FOOD- We started of with a pizza. After getting way too overwhelmed by the drink.

The pizza had a think crust. Topped with fresh veggies and the serene Fetta cheese. One word for it. PERFECT. The second dish we tried was Stir Fried Paneer. I really liked the starter made by the team of Divino. Yum is the word for it. The paneer was soft. Nicely made up with different spices.


DESSERTS – This is my favourite section. Where i like to try different desserts. And i was happy to order lots of desserts. We started of with a Chocolate Mousse. The mousse was fresh. Presented in a nice Martini glass. The whipped cream concussion with amazing Chocolate. Just amazing. The next thing i ordered was Tiramisu. Many times , in a restaurant Tiramisu is a miss. People try to fusionise it. And they go wrong. But in Divino it is all about perfection. A balance of coffee extract with fresh wipped cream was used to build the beautiful Tiramisu. The presentation for the dessert was just fabulous.

The last dessert for the day was Spiced fruit cake. The ingredients used in the cake were rum and caramel. Though simple ingredients but Strong by flavours. The caramel over it made it yum.


In a nutshell , i find this place a breathe of fresh air. It is Unique. And the uniqueness will take the place to Hights. With a perfect fine dining seating , a beautiful bar. This 2 story restaurant is going to be the Buzz in delhi/ncr.

Till then Cheers.

Signing off ,

Mr. veggie