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01 August 2018

First Hand Experience with VAYA Tyffyn

It's very tough to find tiffins that are classy and Super light. The cutting-edge engineering and technology meet ingenious design that makes this product a great choice. These copper coated Stainless steel containers are a boon for all the working people. Tyffyn comes in 2 variants  The Tyffyn 1000 is a three-container lunchbox perfect for a hearty meal, while the Tyffyn 600 is a two-container lunchbox ideal for children or a light meal.
Features - 
* Convenient collapsible handle
* Keeps your food hot or cold for 5-6 Hours*
* Stainless steel slim body easily fits in your bag
* Leak-resistant lids with integrated gaskets for easier cleaning
* Partitions - Carry more than one dish in each container
* Heat-protective finger grip
* Copper-coated stainless steel containers
* Stainless steel pressurizing latches
I bought the Tyffyn 1000. I have used the product for few days now. And my experience has been quite good. 
From the above pics, my mom made this lunch meal for office. It had Dal, Rice, and Lady Finger. As indian meals are cooked with lots of oil and spices. I was surprised to see there was no leakage at all. The food was warm enough after 5 hrs. The best part was it's so convenient to carry it to office. With my Tyffyn 1000 I bought a bag mat. It transforms from sleek shoulder bag to easy-to-clean table mat at a moment’s notice. These tiffin boxes also include chic, regal, and dishwasher-friendly copper-coated containers. All in all, this product is their to satisfy all the goals of a sustainable living. A must product for everyone who travel daily or for office goers. In the end, it's all about the quality and price. This product ticks both of them. The build quality is super good. Coming to the price, for mere 3600Rs. I got a 1000ml tiffin and Bag Mat. Worth the money. It's going to be a game changer and a perfect buy for anyone.