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31 March 2018

Kent - The House Of Purity Comes Up With Cooking Appliances

Kent is all about Offering modern & innovative water purifiers, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners and cooking appliances.
When talking about Kent only one word comes up to our minds - RO Water Purifiers. But Kent is expanding their cooking appliances segment. And this segment is surely going to be a market changer for them. 
"Enjoy healthy, tasty and faster cooking with our modern cooking appliances. The combination of quality and efficiency ensure that you eat and stay healthy."
So we tried few cooking appliances and were quite impressed. They were easy to use, and saved our time while cooking.
Atta Maker & Bread Maker
An innovative product that helps you knead Atta or make bread in minutes. This automatic appliance eliminates the hassles associated with kneading atta with hands, and thus makes the process absolutely hygienic and convenient. The user-friendly design of the appliance makes it easy to operate. Its detachable components make it easy to clean and store.
Price - Rs. 11000/- 
KENT Turbo Grinder and Blender
KENT Turbo Grinder & Blender with Heating Function lets you prepare fresh beverage and food within minutes. With features like 12 preset functions, hot and cold blending and overcurrent protection, this appliance is the ultimate powerhouse for your kitchen.This unique appliance prevents it from overheating and excessive current making it safe to use. Turbo Grinder & Blender’s 12 preset functions let you make a variety of food and beverage with just one touch. It eliminates the hassles of preparing dosa batter, crushing ice, and making fresh juices, smoothies, soup, etc.
Price - Rs. 14950/-
KENT Pizza & Omelette Maker
KENT Pizza & Omelette Maker is a compact non-stick appliance that helps you make healthy snacks, hygienically.
KENT Pizza & Omelette Maker’s flip functionality allows you to cook on both sides with its dual side heating, ensuring even distribution of heat.With the non-stick surface, you can cook pizzas, omelettes, tikkis, fish, etc. without using oil, thus ensuring health for you and your family.The adjustable temperature control knob allows you to cook different dishes at different temperatures. Its compact, modern design prevents any spilling or dripping, making cooking convenient and hassle-free. The multipurpose appliance that lets you bake, roast and grill and make tasty delicacies.
Price - Rs. 3950/-
By the way, we guys tried making a pizza from the Pizza & Omelette Maker. And the pizza was cooked perfectly. In less than 5mins, the pizza was made. With its dual side heating technology, the base and the veggies, cheese on top got equally cooked. Their smart temperature control helped us get a healthy and homemade pizza. I highly recommend this product for its multipurpose usage, and for the way it's designed.