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27 September 2017

Product Review -MyDailyMeal

A meal replacement like this is what an office goer or a student requires. Being busy throughout the day, you tend to eat hell lot of Junk food. To put a Stop on it.

Mydaily replacement meal Shake has being a relief to all of us. With the emergence of many Herbal shakes. My daily product is quite interesting in terms of taste and uniqueness. I received a sample of a vanilla flavor in a 115 gm pack which is meant for a single usage. I took this shake in the morning replacing my heavy breakfast and it kept me full for the entire day, though in evening I had a small craving. But it is feasible enough , as your body is not used to these type of healthy products. Regular usage of mydaily products will surely help to reduce weight. One thing I was worried before trying the product was will I feel restless, or low. And the answer is No , It didn’t happen at all. In fact I felt really energetic. So thumps up to this product do try it. It’s available on many e commerce sites. Just go for it.