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Hi! I'm Shubneet Jain. I blog at VforVeggie.com and am also on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

I live in Delhi, India. I was born here and grew up here (Hard Core Delhiwala). I love Delhi – there's an amazing food & cuisines.

I work as a freelance writer, photographer, recipe developer, stylist, consultant and food blogger. I work mostly with Vegetarian & Vegan Food, travel, media and tourism companies

My blog is about my pursuit of a delicious life. It focuses on food and travel so I blog about Restaurants, Hidden Gems of Cities, Food Walksand exceptional dining experiences.

I like to meet friends for dinner – good conversation over a nice meal is always fun. I love cooking when I need to de-stress. Travelling is one of my greatest joys and I love exploring new places.

Food lovers, travel enthusiasts and photography buffs read my blog. My mother reads my blog today, too, which makes me happy!

People find my blog inspiring – whether it's because of the photography and styling, the writing or my enthusiasm and attitude towards food and life.

I also write honestly about things that are difficult – like my Wise Sister – and this is not that common for a lifestyle blog because the emphasis is usually on how fabulous everything is.

My life is fabulous at times but it's also a constant juggling-act, messy and complicated, too. And I'm not scared to share that stuff.

My Initils Work were horrendous. I just ped in and then figured it out as I went along

I generally blog twice a week. I have 20,000 uniques/month across platforms

The act of creating recipes, photography and writing for my blog is a joyful thing – creating new work makes me really happy. And I love hearing
food from it is incredibly heart-warming.