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26 September 2017

Fat Lulu’S , Cross Point Mall

Whenever I hear good Italian Food, One restaurant name that always pings in my mind is FAT LULU’S. I would rate them one of the finest for pizzas in delhi/ncr. Had a visit to the cross point mall outlet. With a beautiful seating , and an open kitchen. This place is doing wonders already.


So , we started of with an amazing mocktail  called VAMPIRE KISS. It is a con-cation of Muddled watermelon , blueberry , lime juice and sprite. just a perfect mocktail for a summer afternoon. Also, we tried their orange and citrus sangria

In food  , we ordered for a Queens pizza. the most recommended veg pizza.

Some quick facts – the chef told us that in their  Tomato sauce homemade recipe  , they use san marzano tomatoes. the cheese used in pizzas are of Buffalo Mozeralla. So this pizza had a stuffing of Jalepeno , red onion , olives , feta cheese and rocket leaves.

we also , tried their puled apart garlic bread. it was fabulous, nicely made. i loved it.

then was the turn of  Holy Ravioli for the Pasta Lovers! Pink Sauce with Pine Nuts, Sun-Dried Tomatoes (which I absolutely Adore) & Pecorino Cheese! We also tried their Bruschetta it was nicely made. In desserts , we had their red velvet and caramel jars, both were yum. actually , I seriously loved it. Their brownie and Ice cream was also nicely made up.

We ended our lavish lunch on a Blue Tokkai coffee. It was just amazing. Our visit to fat lulu’s was just amazing. And we left the place with HAPPY FACES.