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28 September 2017

Unplugged Courtyard

When you are done with your presentation day in college. And you literally want some peace and good food . Unplugged Courtyard comes under the consideration.


I went to unplugged courtyard on a Tuesday afternoon , although being a veggie , I always needs a veg partner . and to my luck because non veg friends eat veg food on that day. TUESDAY means VEG DAY for all of them.


A very lavish eye catching escalating place to hangout with friends and specially families too.

UC has 3 sittings according to one’s comfort.

1. Fine dine sitting area – the ambiance of this sitting is just awesome . huge comfortable sofas where a family dinner is just amazing. The sitting also has a BAR and DJ to get you body moving.

2. Outdoor Sitting – a sandstone courtyard with beautiful tables and chairs built in for sitting with a huge neem tree where live performance takes place every evening.

3. Roof top – the rooftop is well built and an awesome view of CP lets you enjoy drinks fully.


1. Virgin Mojito – Yes, this place serves you one of the best virgin mojito.

2. Mint Iced Tea – Fresh Ice tea served with a topping of Mint just a photographer paradise the picture of this drink

3. Oreo Shake – Oreo is everyone’s favourite in biscuits and shakes it has become regular order In every place. To special in this drink the amount of milk and sugar , oreo biscuits Blend is really important . And UC were able to crack it and made the shake the best I have ever had. I loved having it. The Oreo shake was served in a beautiful curvy glass with a piece of Oreo on it.


1. CHILLY PANEER GHOSLA – fried ghosla of potatoes with a stuffing of chilly paneer and vegetables in it and with a topping of Cheese Slice on it .

2. BURRITOS – stuffing of Rajama stuffed in a pita bread and served along with sweet chilly sauce and pudina chutney.

3. MOZZARELLA FRIES – A must recommended dish by Me. was In love with this dish. The filling of cheese was in the fries. In each bite the taste buds increases and increases. also for some cheese lovers you provided with a cheese injection.

4. VEG. PIZZA – The pizza was spicy. Full of spice and vegetables . if you love the chilli flavours , then it is a must try


1. MATKE WALI DAL – A chefs special DAL. Just amazing in taste. Full of flavours . the dal was served with nan.

2. VEG DUM BIRYANI – Yes , the biryani was good. The biryani had a kevra flavour in it , kesar and was served with Raita. The topping of biryani was of Green Chillis and Cashews.


1. BROWNIE PAKODE SERVED WITH WHIPPED CREAM – One word MUST TRY. The whipped cream tasted yummmmmmm. It was an experimented dish.

2. LIQUID NITROGEN LOLIPOPS – : on the spot the lollipops are made on a box underneath it is liquid nitrogen in the box. the molecular l olipops is the next big thing in Delhi. There were 3 flavours Kiwi, strawberry and chocolate. These lollipops can be prepared by self..

Usually , you find find cafés empty in afternoon. But not for unplugged courtyard. They were serving literally more than 50 people. I had to call the server many times . but that’s acceptable. The servers had a decent knowledge about the dishes and gave good guidance what should I try.

UC is one of the places where you can go with HAPPY Faces and good food , drinks.

Cheers to them for such excellent service. Will go there soon with friends.