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28 September 2017

Ardor , Connaught Place

Ardor is one of the few places you want to go with your family and friends . because of its versatility . they have everything what dine in place should have.

They have a lounge , fine dining sitting and rooftop , everything in one place.



Okay I ll start from the first floor , sofas and chair all were in blue colour which gives you a very good environment when you come for a dine with your family.

Second floor is basically for people who like to party and have a good time with friends enjoying drinks and watching live telecast of matches.

The second floor also has a rooftop view which takes to divine the structure of C.P. and you are literally able to see whole C.P.


As I am non alcoholic I tried only the mocktails.

1. Caprioska – The best drink so far I have tasted in recent times. Sweet cucumber drink infused with salt on the glass which lets you have a sour taste in the end you take sip. A perfect blend by the bartender what a perfect mocktail is all about.


2. Oreo mint shake – it was average . nothing great in the drink yes only the sugar level in the shake was balanced

3. Cold coffee – same like oreo mint shake . just an average and common drink by ARDOR.

4. Lemon Iced Tea – It was good and refreshing when you drink it. Nicely made and well presented.


Okay before reviewing about the starters , I would like to draw attention about their starters portion that they served good portions for 2 people.

1. Kache kele aur rajma ki tikki – a mixture of kache kele and rajama infused with outer coating of bread crumbs . a perfect starter for a vegetarian .

2. Vegetarian Pizza – For a very long time I had not seen Normal crust pizza with lots of cheese and tomato and basil on toppings .a perfect recipe by the chef to make our taste buds craving for more.

3. Vegetable salt and pepper – fried veggies like broccoli , cauliflower , paneer , corn with a topping of pepper and served with hot chilly sauce and mayonnaise.

4. Haryali paneer tikka – nicely marinated paneer, cooked very well, and tasted fantabulous. Just one word AWESOME.


1.dal ardor – Firstly dal ardor is a must try when you are in ardor. The dal is cooked overnight to get the perfect taste of all spices in the dal. Usually dal is not good in such type of places but here the dal was excellent and the best have till date . it was DELICIOUS.

2. paneer labbabdar – This is one of the typical currys a vegetarian order and usually wants to get satisfied . and yes truly it justified it .

3. subz dum biryani – the biryani was served in a handi to give it a proper handi biryani look . it was yummm. Saffron , spices everything used was in balanced way. The biryani was served with Raita.


1. Walnut brownie – oh yes the best part is for a foodie – Deserts and ardour did meet our expectations. The brownie were perfect and and the chocolate sauce was perfect.

2. Tila Kulfi – I had a tila kulfi . I must say it was good.

Lastly, a special thanks to the OWNER and the staff. The owner did recommended us the best dishes and assured us nice hospitality . about the staff , the service was so fast . that at one point we had to say please stop for few minutes. Literally , I wasn’t expecting to be getting this type of Hospitality from Ardor .

Kudos to servers, the owner .I will highly recommend this place and visit soon.