K-63 Jangpura South Delhi 110014, 9999332063

28 September 2017

Minus 301°F

NITROGEN and CREAMLETTE ice creams were first introduced in the United States of America, after gaining popularity all across the world, finally the first outlet of Minus 301 F that got opened in India was in Bandra, mumbai. Now finally it has come to Delhi.


Located in the GK 2 M Block Market , MINUS 301 F serve some awesome nitro and creamlette ice creams. These Ice creams are surely a cool booster to all the delhites. The outlet is small but when it comes to taste it surely will suffice a foodie’s sweet tooth. After getting recommendations from friends, I tried their FRESH STRAWBERRY CREAMLETTE. The ice cream was made with Fresh Strawberries , Condensed Milk. The strawberries and condensed milk are mixed vigorously on a cold pan that freezes the liquid into solid ice cream.It was made in front of my eyes. They were evenly cut into 3 rolls. The ice cream was sweet and i could feel the amazing fresh fruit taste in every bite of it. It was topped with strawberry syrup and sprinkles.

the next ice cream was MOCHA CREAMLETTE. It is made with a pre mix of Coffee and yes for all Caffeine lovers its a must.

These ice creams are too good to not miss. My personal favorite was the fresh strawberry. The prices are so reasonable that one can come here frequently with my friends / family. A Highly recommended place for all the sweet tooth lovers.

P.S. – Due to the scorching heat in Delhi , the ice creams does not last long.

One is requested to have the ice cream immediately in a span of 2-3 minutes.