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28 September 2017

Kama - Radisson Blu Kaushambi

Got to know about the PUNJABI FOOD FESTIVAL which is happening in Kama , Radisson Blu Kaushambi from my friend. She recently went there and had a great time. So with positive response about the festival, I went there with some friends to have some Punjabi delights and some refreshing drinks.


I was in awe when I entered Kama restaurant with so nicely decorated walls giving a fell of Punjab. The ambience was so eye catching that we started to have pics of this so amazing place. From achaar burnis to kites , they gave a very traditional Punjab look alike. So was the desi cot and male and female farmers Manniquin when we entered.

Master Chef Vishal guided us about the punjabi food delicacies and offered us some of his signature dishes to try.

So we started of with some Roof-afza shots and some dahi ka matha which was served with achaari mathis.


1. VIRGIN MOJITO – Being a non – alcoholic , I always prefer virgin mojito over any drinks. It tasted awesome , the flavour of fresh mint and lemon was just amazing.

2. BARTENDER’S SPECIAL ( BLUE AQUA DRINK) – A very simple mocktail yet very refreshing mocktail. Blue Aqua syrup mixed with Fresh Lime topped with sprite. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

3. COLD COFFEE- after giving try to mocktails , we tried their Cold coffee , it was neither very sweet , nor very chocolaty. It was perfectly blended with some amazing aroma of coffee in it.

4. KAMA FRUIT PUNCH – Mix fruit juice with special blended spices. A very different and unique drink in itself. For all the people , who want to try something different go for this drink.


1. PANEER AMRITSARI – This was awesome starter one cannot find in any fine dining restaurant in Delhi/NCR. Paneer marinated with besan , fried in oil , and topped with chat masala . Little spicy yet very tasty. Basically can be termed as a Paneer Pakora but the innovation was that it was served on an IRON. Hatts off to the person behind this idea.

2. BHUTTIYAN DE KEBAB – It is said do not go judge by its cover. Hence , it was proved that day. The kebab didn’t look that spicy infact like all the kebab had the perception it will be sweet or will have nominal spiciness. But it was not , the kebabs were very spicy and just the starter I wanted to have. Spicy , Full of Flavours and in fact they were very SOFT.

Totally loved it to the core. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

3. SOONDE ALOO – Cute baby potatoes roasted in clay oven with a margination of fennel , herbs and spices. It was perfectly made. Served on a spoon with some awesome presentation and of course it was a Quick Bite.


1. PANEER BUTTER MASALA – Paneer dishes are usually my favourite. Being a vegetarian PANEER is the first thing that comes to my mind. It was sweet , the gravy was made of Khoya and Cashew. Perfectly made. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

2. LANGAR WALI DAL – This is the dal we get in langar usually. Pure authentic dal one cannot miss in the Punjabi Food Festival. This dal is mainly made up of different types of dal cooked overnight and made in cream. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

3. DAL MAKHNI – Yes, I can say that in Kaasuhambi this is the place where I can find one of the best dal makhni. perfectly cooked. full of flavours and yes served in a steel Balti.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

For me , the main course was the star of the day. Everything was cooked with perfect spices and had the authentic Punjabi taste.



1. AAM KHAND – Aam puree based dessert topped with Pistachios. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

2. MALAI RABRI FALOODA – This dessert was served in a Shots glass. It had falooda noodles in it, topped with reduced milk, and roofafza syrup, loved it. But little can be improved in it. Some innovation is required in it.

3. JOKESHAHI – Yes one can say it is INDIAN GULAB JAMUN. Served with reduced condensed milk. It was served on a spoon. It was a quick bite dessert.

The staff was courteous and knew everything about the dishes. The best family dinner place to try some Indian delicacies. For family parties, it is a highly recommended place.

Will I come to this place once again , Of course YES !!

Thank you for such nice hospitality.

Signing off,

Mr. Veggie