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28 September 2017

BURGER Singh , Sad

Mr. veggie ordered a home delivery of burger singh awesome lip smacking burgers. These burgers are nice and different from the usual. All burgers were juicy, big in size and had a lot of sauces in it. They have a good variety of fries and dips. a must try place for all.


so i ordered crunchy potato burger , nani rajama burger , moroccon fries , dilli 6 firies , and hot shock fries.

1. Crunchy potato burger was my awesome as it was very crunchy, huge, had lettuce, mayo and had a filling of caramelised onions.

2. Nani rajama burger – i had one of the best burgers in recent years. Rajama mashed and made into a patty which is very flavourful. the good news was my non veg friends liked this burger so much that they forgot to order non veg burgers. The burger had rajama patty, mushrooms ,topped with cheese and tandoori sauce. Everyones favourite from now on


1.Moroccan fries- The fries tasted good. Lemon pepper gave the fries X-Factor. The fries were crispy.

2.Dilli 6 fries- yeahh these fries were hot and spicy. All the flavours were justifed to Dilli 6.

3.Shock fries – i was expecting them to be spicy but they were not that spicy. a very nice experience with the delivery of burger singh.

FOOD served was hot , only concern was the service.

i got my order after an hour.

Please add more Veg burgers so my tastebuds can have a taste of it.

Highly recommended Place