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27 September 2017

Rodeo , C.p.

While walking in the streets of Connaught place inner circle you may find lots of Glossy and attractive restaurants. And with it, there is a restaurant which is beside the popular KFC restaurant, called RODEO.

Yes, I am talking about the first Authentic Mexican Restaurant in India. Way back in 1994 it started and yes this Restaurant–cum–bar is a unique concept when compared with the new–age molecular gastronomy restaurants. It has been 21 years since the bar’s unwavering existence in a precinct as popular as Connaught Place. Rodeo has managed to build its ground impressively over a span of two long decades. Hats off to them.


AMBIENCE: When you enter into the restaurant , you see a half barn door , sheriff section , colourful table clothes, Texas based bar, and yes the waiters are dressed like Cowboys. The waiters were wearing pistol holders to give a look of that you are In Mexico.

SERVICE: The waiters had knowledge about the dishes. They gave a very detailed info and yes, recommended some of their best dishes. The service was very fast.

All the ingredients used in their Dishes are imported from Mexico to get the authentic taste.


1.SOUTHERN BALLE: A refreshing drink with a mixture of fresh lime juice , ginger ale , mint leaves, nicely infused with sprite. A good drink for summers.

2.SAVONA FUZZ: A litchi based drink infused with strawberry ice cream topped with soda. It looked Colourful and was very delicious.

3.ORANGE INFUSED WITH PINEAPPLE : a drink made just specially for us. It had a pungent flavour and some zing o orange . a perfect Mocktail.



A tomato puree based soup. The use of fresh tomatoes in it was just escalating. And with the indulgence of Semi Cooked vegetables in it, wow that was amazing. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


TAQUITOS: small folded crispy fried tortillas were filled with refried beans, they were served on a crispy lettuce so that the taco doesn’t become soggy. It was good in taste and was crispy. A perfect Quick Bite.

2. CÁSCARAS DE PAPA: This dish was so delectable didn’t want to eat it. They looked so beautiful seriously. Potatoes skin with a stuffing of spicy chopped onions and tomatoes in it , topped with cheddar cheese .It was served with sour cream. A perfect dish for vegetarians.

3. ENCHILADA: an elegant adaptation of tortillas, folded with refried bean filling, coated with ranchera and cheese sauce baked with grated cheese. They were yummy and filling. It was too good and especially I liked their bean filling.

4.FAJITAS: soft flour tortillas with mix-veg filling, served with grated Monterey Jack cheese, sour cream and salsa. This particular dish is a complete meal. So good and yummy. The dish was sizzling hot.

5.MUSHROOM CREPES: soft pan cakes rolled with mushroom stuffing, gratinated with mild cheddar cheese. I can say this is the best dish I have had at RODEO seriously. Flavours were amazing , so was the taste. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

6.RAJAS POBLANO: capsicum and corn cooked along with tomatoes, green chillies, cheese and herbs served with steam rice A vegetarian platter for me. It was hot and in every bite it was a taste of excellence. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


1.MEXICAN BROWNIE: rich brownie, topped with vanilla ice-cream, plenty of homemade hot fudge sauce and nuts. Nice fluffy soft brownie and the ice cream was giving it a perfect taste.

2.TARTAS DE COCO: tart filled with cinnamon flavoured sweetened coconut. An interesting and unique dessert I have never had before. It was different and yes not very sweet.

In a nutshell , a power packed old style restaurant restaurant with a focus more on food than the glamour. So if you begin to miss the comfort and familiarity of a place that lets you be, you know where to go. Rodeo isn’t going anywhere. Not anytime soon for sure. “good food , good ambience , friendly staff “