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27 September 2017

Spago , Gk-1

After some shopping, the stomach demands some good Italian food and that’s when Spago came to rescue the hunger.

LOCATION – Located at a very convenient location in Greater Kailash 1 on first floor with a beautiful facing green park.


AMBIANCE- As soon as you enter the smell of fresh baked pizza with some light piano music and extremely lit up place ( due to sun) is there to give a relaxed environment for experiencing Italian food.

SERVICE – The staff was courteous and friendly. As expected from Spago , the service was very fast.

While we decided what to eat we are served with garlic and focaccia breads and with pesto garlic dip. While enjoying the dip with bread I decided to order one starter ( anti pasti) and a salad (Insalate).

Fungi Arrosto – Simply wow! A must try for mushroom lovers. As the name says this dish is made up of roasted mushrooms with spinach and almond fillings served with red bell pepper sauce.

Feta Apple – A refreshing salad to cool down the effect of hot sun on the road. Fresh veggies served cold in sundried tomato dressing with green apple, feta cheese, and pine nuts with mixed leaves. Perfect crunchy vegetables with green apple giving the perfect seet and sour taste.

Ordered some drink and virgin mojito for me. Perfectly sweetened not more not less.

And Italian food is just incomplete without Pasta and pizza .

I was trying to order something healthy , so I ordered a whole wheat penne pasta named as Verdue. Cooked with grilled exotic vegetables in red sauce. Perfectly cooked pasta with smoked bell pepper served hot making me , my tummy demanding more of it.

Ordered exotica pizza, as the name suggests the thin crust pizza had combination of all the exotic vegetables , sundried tomatoes, asparagus, zucchini,to alives with tomato base sauce topped with mozzarella.

A lunch cant end without a perfect Italian dessert. So, I ordered Tortaa Royale.. yes the king of desserts and indeed it was. The spago’s specialty and yes it did live upto it’s name. A sponge cake made up of white chocolate and mascarpone. The cake was served on crunchy biscuit base with liquid white chocolate. Amazing combination and A must try!!

Hope you guys enjoy the italiano Spago experience everytime you dine in.