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26 September 2017

Hanami Summer Menu @ Guppy

Hanami is a Japanese tradition of welcoming Spring, also popularly known as the Cherry Blossom Festival and I can’t think of a place, better than Guppy to capture and recreate this experience through their Hanami Summer menu.

The seating outside is around a Frangipani tree, which acts like a perfect mood setter for the Hanami menu. The menu has been strategically created, ensuring all ingredients are fresh and dishes are full of colour. Even as a vegetarian, I found plenty to try from the menu. Here are my top picks :

1.Fennel Sweet Lime and Green Salad – Fresh and crunchy, the salad was a lovely amalgamation of Fennel, sweet lime and greens. The flavours were subtle and thankfully, they didn’t go overboard with the dressing.

2.Ceviche Dressed Vegetables – A simple and tangy combination of carrots, cucumber and pickle.

3.Mango and Avocado Cream Cheese Roll – Guppy is always a clear winner when it comes to Sushi. The Mango and Avocado Cream Cheese Roll, managed to continue the winning streak. It’s an appropriate flavour, keeping in mind, the hot summer.

4.Edamame and Corn Cake – The corn cakes were batter fried to perfection. Accompanied with some fresh creamy Kale and a crispy aubergine Katsu, the dish was perfectly executed.

5.Nashi Pear Flan – Biting through the crispy pastry, with the berry compote and pear slices, wrapping the meal with the Flan was a good decision.

Coming to the drinks, this is yet again another area they managed to ace! Each cocktail looked to refreshing on the menu, I had a hard time choosing.

1.Tokyo Dawn – This cocktail is Saju base with Pomegranate as the key ingredient. The Kaffir Lime enhances the flavour.

2.Lemon Ninja – Another brilliant cocktail, the Lemon Ninja  is Gin based, with a flavour of Basil.

Overall, I had a fantastic afternoon exploring the Hanami Summer menu and I recommend you should go try it. It’s on till 10th June.