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26 September 2017

Thingyan New Year Celebration @ Burma Burma

The Burmese new year was celebrated at Burma Burma from 11th-21st May. It was quite fun to celebrate their new year at delhi’s most prominent Burmese restaurant , BURMA BURMA. 


THINGYAN is a Water-throwing festival and its done on the first four days of the festival.

The chefs had curated a special menu for this auspicious occasion. 

While we made ourselves comfortable. It was time to start our Roller Coaster ride of Good Veg Burmese Food.

So , it started from a very traditional welcome. The server came and washed my hands with a beetle leaf. The water was not like any other water. It was scented with sandwalwood. 

We started over some amazing refreshing Burmese Blossom and Nutella Bubble Tea. 

After getting ourselves now in mood to have good food. We started with a white fungus salad and guava salad. Quite light and full of flavors. Full marks to the Chef. Simple Ingredients yet the salads were just enough to make our lunch WOW.

Then we tried their crunchy Tofu steamed buns. Actually they were quite good. Thought at the first look, the Patty might be delicate. But it was not, every bite had that CRUNCH.

Their corn Crisps in Tamarind Sauce was somewhat tasting like new amalgamation of flavors. Why? Because tamarind Sauce is usually in making Chats in India. So I think they had that indian touch in it.

Black Glutinous Sticky rice was the next dish served to us. Quite different in texture and taste. Why? Because usually in Asian restaurants, black sticky rice is not served. And this rice is over soaked in night. And takes hell of a time to cook. The use of TURMERIC in this dish was a lot. But frankly , I liked it.

We ended our meal with 2 beautiful desserts. One of the desserts , has become part of my desserts in delhi list. We tried their COCONUT Ice cream and Matcha ice cream. Both the desserts had beautiful  presentation. In fact , in the Matcha ice cream molecular gastronomy was used. So yeah PERFECT is the word to be used for their desserts. 

In a jist, people who are vegans or vegetarians. This place is a paradise for them. Also for the people who like to experience different cuisines. This place is a must. Special mention to their lovely hospitality. The service was damn fast. And the food was just AWESOME. I recommend Burma Burma. If not your palate, then also try once. Because life is all about Experiements.